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Charley Wininger & Donna Barnes Host

UP YOUR DATING GAME! can be seen on You Tube!  Click here

Donna Barnes
Life & Dating Coach & Columnist
Donna is also a Producer & TV Expert

Charley Wininger
Dating Coach & Psychotherapist
Charley teaches Dating Workshops

Singles in our latest pod.....
Cindy, 22, Advertising Sales
asks: "How can I stop dating assholes???"
Each pod will answer a different dating question, or questions. 

Our first pod asks...  "How can I find the right person for me?"
Karen, 30, Attorney
asks: "How can I tell if sex is all he wants???"
Steve, 23, Graphic Designer
Says: "If a buddy lies to a girl I back him up."
Jason, 26, Actor's Playhouse
Says: "Women work through their emotions better, then play the 'You're emotionally unavaiable' card!"
Laura, 46, Actor - currently in off Broadway play
Took Charley's "The RelationShop" (R)
Keren, 52, Nurse Anesthetist
says: "Men my age just use me as filler till they find the baby machine!"
Mandy, 21, Actor's Playhouse 
asks: Why do guys make all the decisions???
Identical Twins Lauren & Debbie, 24, 
ask:  "Why do guys compliment you over dinner and talk about things they'd like to do with you in the future, then never call???"
Mary, 42, Financial Marketing Director
asks: "How can I stop dating bad boys???"
Lisset, 37, Full time Mom
asks:  "When will guys want more than just my body??"
David, 39, Took Charley's Workshops:
"Nice Guys Can Finish First"
& "The RelationShop" (R)
He tells us: "Now I have confidence in my power as a man!"

Donna and Charley dish hard earned advice as they answer the questions.
Nancy, 34, Publicist 
says: "I like the way a good player makes me feel about myself." 
Nia, Real-estate Investment Banker
Says: "I like a man's man - who thinks big!"
Kim, Celebrity Stylist
Says: "Guys here think they have to put on a persona, they should just be themselves."
Amber, 24, Model
asks: "Why can't guys be faithful???"
The New York Times came to one of our shoots
Check out:  In Search of Sex in the City
Donna & Charley were LIVE on NY1's "THE CALL" on Valentine's Day

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Up Your Dating Game was in the Action on Film International Film Festival
at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA July 27-29, 2007
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